A panoramic trip through
a world heritage site

Mit der Wachaubahn Donaublick genießen, © NB/Kerschbaummayr

Wachau Railway

A panoramic trip through a world heritage site

Season Wachaubahn

Season 2023 from 18 March to 29 May - every SA, SO & public holiday
from 30 May to 1 November - daily
from 2 to 17 December - every SA & SO and on 8 December


An unbelievable diversity of nature and culture in the densest of spaces - that is what makes the Wachau so magical. A trip on the Wachau Railway opens up this diversity in all its breadth and depth. A single synthesis of the arts, a garden of the senses that has always inspired artists and thinkers. A favourite meeting place for gourmets and connoisseurs from all over the world. The Wachau ranks high in the top league of international gourmet regions.

A little way off the main road, between ancient masonry, vineyards and flowering embankments, the Wachau has preserved its essence. This is the "territory" of the Wachau Railway. It has been running here for a good hundred years and today connects Krems with Emmersdorf opposite Melk. The artful routing in an elevated position offers great views of the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.